Contextual Android Homescreen
Product Design | 2013-14

Aviate is a smart and contextual launcher for your Android device that simplifies the clutter of your phone's homescreen.

I joined a 5 person start-up team as the lead designer. After launching the beta, we got acquired by Yahoo. During 2015 I continued leading the team toward a GA launch.

I lead UI, UX, Interaction Design, and Marketing and collaborated with the founders on product design.

What users see after unlocking their phone
Aviate's collections auto-categorize apps, surfaces the most used ones and suggest relevant ones
Aviate's AZ is a very fast way to open an app
With just a swipe from the bottom a user can quickly call or message their favorite contacts

The main challenge was how to improve and quicken access to all of the content a user needs. But not all users are the same. Having a clever onboarding and increasingly offering new features was key to user reception of the product. A robust design system based on components ensured consistency.

At the same time, one of the key propositions of Aviate was to surface content relevant to the user's context. So, how do you design for thousands of different user contexts?

We did it by ruthlessly prototyping simulations of different context and making qualitative assumptions. Then we tested it out with the millions of users we had.

Aviate gives you the most relevant information with just one swipe to the right
Entertainment's space offers news, new games to install, etc.
Places' space offers useful information when moving around
Today's space offers all logistic needs like travel schedules, meetings, etc.
From any screen, a user can swipe down to start searching across the web and your device