Cards Platform
Design - 2015

Broadway is a design language for Yahoo Content Cards. I led the design effort for the content cards shown in search products.

At the time, Yahoo was displaying content in a myriad of ways. Different designers were designing the same pieces. It was necessary to bring consistency and communication across teams.

I brought together Yahoo’s VP of Design Direction, Yahoo’s Design System Team and the leads of several content verticals, getting them onto the same page.

One of the major challenges of this project was getting buy-in from dozens of lead designers and PMs in Yahoo. I achieved that by bringing clarity to conversations, listening to designers' and PMs' needs and coming up with a proposal that was limited but also had space for flexibility.

To bring together multiple design teams I created a strict design system that was versatile enough for different types of content. This lead to a design style focused on components that prioritized clarity, actions over information and a cohesive hierarchy of text styles, icons, buttons, and media.

Guidelines on card structuring, spacing rules, etc.
Atomic Card styles
Typographical styles
Some of the system components and its rules