Fast 1-on1 Scheduling
Design & Dev - 2017

CalMeet is a simple web app that aims to ease and accelerate on-demand 1-on-1 scheduling.

This is a personal project, and I worked on every aspect of it. I challenged myself to deepen my understanding of React and build from a complete product from scratch. Owning the development allowed design to fourish to a whole new level because of the immediate communication between the two processes.

Users can use CalMeet without connecting to google
When a user connects to google calendar, all the events are visible

One of the design goals was for the experience to be equally fast for an anonymous user as for a logged-in user. On top of that, I wanted to achieve a single-page no-scroll interface where everything can be reached without the need to jump to other pages or scroll down. This was achieved by dozens of puzzle-like iterations where design components, their hierarchy, and their size was fine tuned.

After a user has selected some slots, s/he can copy a link and paste it anywhere
The receiving user has selected one slot and confirmed it. An email has been sent to both users